Practice Educators

There is a Multi-professional support of learning and assessing practice certificate delivered by the university. This is being mapped to the APPLE scheme, all Practice Educators will be encouraged to undertake this certificate. This will complement other training and support offered by the course team and the work based learning unit.

In order to support students within clinical practice as the Practice Educator, clinicians are required to undertake clinical education training (delivered as a two-day workshop) which will look at both the educator and student’s roles and expectations, an overview of the course structure, teaching and learning styles, assessment processes and skills for facilitating learning in practice. Practice Educators are then invited to annual update opportunities. Both these workshops are free to practice educators. In addition, Practice Educators are updated during placement visits to ensure currency of information.

Any queries regarding Practice Educator courses should be directed to who will direct enquiries to the Occupational Therapy team.

In addition, there is a multi-professional practice education module that can be undertaken if Practice Educators are interested in undertaking more formal study. This module forms part of the Faculty CPD framework therefore credits gained from undertaking the module can be used towards future academic award.

Practice Educators will also be invited to the student conference which will take place at the end of year two for their own CPD but also to continue to ensure our partnership as a university with our practice educators. All placement will normally be visited during a student placement by a member of the course team (Skype/telephone support will be utilised for international or distant elective placements) this visits will also be used to ensure Practice educators feel supported in their role.