Opening times

Opening times

The UCLan Library will be open 24/7 until further notice, to find the opening times of the support desks, please click here.


Monday 27th April

The UCLan Library will be open 24/7 today, and to find the opening times of the support desks, click here.

Pilot of noise text alert service in the Library

Report noise issues to our security team by text

student using a smartphoneGot problems with noise in the Library? Other students socialising or talking loudly whilst you’re trying to study and wishing ‘they’ would be quiet so you can concentrate?
As promised, from 16th March, we’ve started piloting our new text alert service whereby you can send a message to the Library security team making them aware of any noise issues within the Library and a member of staff will attend as soon as they can.

Text LIBNOISE (in capital letters with no spaces) leave a space then add your message to 60081, telling us where you are and what is happening, for example:

LIBNOISE students in study room 22 making lots of noise or
LIBNOISE student talking on phone in silent study room

Your normal text charges will apply.

Thanks to those of you who have used the service so far. As it’s a pilot we’d love your feedback about how it’s working so we can address any issues.
Please contact with your comments.

Advantage (portable) credits

Important message for second and third year students

    how you can spend your advantage credits at The <i>The Advantage scheme is ending but you can still use your credits up until the end of May.

    If you’ve still got Advantage (portable) credits available, why not use them to purchase items or services from The <i>/UCLan Print to help with your studies?

    Second year students – why not purchase a new laptop ready for writing your dissertation, or buy some Waterstones vouchers and use to buy any books you need for your final year. Don’t forget, printer credit won’t expire so why not transfer some of your remaining Advantage credits to your printing account ready for when you need to print your final assignments.

    Third year students – did you know you can use them for printing and photocopying? So, if you’ve got the correct number of credits you could print your dissertation and get it bound.

    You can check your remaining Advantage credit balance at The <i> on the ground floor of the Library.


    National Student Survey

    Tell us what you think


    The National Student Survey (NSS) is an independent survey asking students to rate the quality of their university experience. As a final year undergraduate student here at UCLan, the NSS is your chance to make your mark by giving your feedback, and shaping the University and the course that you’ve studied for future students.

    It will only take 5-10 minutes and you could win some great prizes in our free prize draw.

    •   1st Prize: Choice of Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet or Games Console (Xbox or Playstation)
    •   2nd Prize: 2 x iPod Nanos
    •   3rd Prize: 5 x £20 Nando’s Vouchers

    Give your opinions on what you loved about your time here, as well as how you feel we could improve #TheUCLanExperience Take the survey now 

      Tips for saving & backing up your work

      It’s dissertation time again, so also time for some tips about saving and backing up your work.

      Start by saving your work to the right place. The number one and safest place is the University network which is identified by the letter N:\. Information saved here is also accessible wherever you have internet access using the Remote Access Service.

      Follow these tips to keep any of your important work and documents safe:

      • Save regularly as you work.

      • Make several copies and store in different places

      • Never rely on USB sticks, they are easily lost or left behind and also easily corrupted. It’s fine to use one, just make sure you save additional copies of the file elsewhere.

      • If opening a file from an email attachment which you intend to work on, save it using the ‘save as’ feature to a known location such as your N: \ drive and open it from there.

      Dissertation binding
      from UCLan Print

      information about dissertation binding

      UCLan Print can be found on the ground floor of the library building

      Avoiding Fines

      You can avoid paying any Library fines by renewing or returning items by their due date. This is detailed on your receipt when you borrow from the library self-service machines.

      Here are some more top tips:

      1. Check your library account weekly to see when your books are due back – you can log into your account or use the self-service machines to do this.
      2. Always get a receipt from the self-service machines when you borrow books. This tells you the date you need to renew or return your books.
      3. If you subsequently renew online – make a note of the new due date.
      4. Set a reminder on your phone to alert you when your books are due back.
      5. Do not allow anyone else to borrow items on your account, you will be responsible for any fines or lost books.

      When you need to renew your books, we make it easy by offering a variety of renewal methods.

      You can do it online, by telephone or whenever you’re in the Library.

      Using e-resources to get the edge when applying for jobs

      Applying for jobs or preparing for interviews?

      Demonstrating your commercial awareness could give you the edge at that all important job interview!

      LIS e-resources give you access to the following:

      Business Source Complete providing company profiles and content from business & trade magazines.

      FAME (Financial Analysis Made Easy) - giving financial information on the largest UK companies.

      Keynote - covering 29 industries, this resource provides valuable market insights including market forecasts, market size, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, consumer research, competitor analysis and much more.

      Mintel - containing UK market research reports and useful for finding out more about the sector a company operates in.

      Nexis - a global news and business information database.

      You could improve your chances of success by doing your homework first and using all the free resources you have available to you.

      Free access to a fantastic training database

      Thanks to our UCLan subscription, UCLan students get free unlimited access to this incredible tool.

      Each training course comprises a series of short videos, so it’s flexible enough to fit in around your studies by allowing you to watch either a whole course, or specific videos whenever you need them.

      You can even use it on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or other mobile device. awards a certificate of completion for each course viewed, providing you with documentary evidence for potential employers or to add to your personal development portfolios about the skills you’ve learned.

      Start the New Year as you mean to go on at use your UCLan username and password to login and see what it’s all about.

        image showing details of