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Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

The Enterprise team provides many different opportunities to enable you to develop your skills in the area of enterprise and entrepreneurship. Not only can these skills and experiences help you become self-employed, they can also help you succeed in your chosen career and enhance your studies within your chosen degree programme.

Some of the skills you need to be an enterprising and entrepreneurial student or graduate include:

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Negotiation
  • Confidence
  • Presenting yourself

The Enterprise team offers a range of learning opportunities both inside and outside the curriculum.  Taking up these opportunities will enable you to consider and develop an understanding of what it means to be enterprising / entrepreneurial and help you to:

  • be prepared to develop a wide portfolio of work and life skills
  • be aware that your job may change or disappear
  • create your own employment
  • think of multiple different ways to create income
  • recognise and capitalise upon opportunities that come your way
  • embrace new tools and technologies in the process of income and ideas generation
  • learn transferable skills and work in different contexts
  • develop, apply and reflect on your enterprise skills in a range of contexts
  • develop and reflect on your capabilities in the areas of enterprise, innovation, and entrepreneurship

Additionally, there are a number of ways in which entrepreneurial students and graduates with aspirations to start a business venture can be supported to develop ideas and reflect on the required practical business knowledge, skills and expertise required to run a business within a fast changing global market. 

Have you got an idea for a business?

Are you thinking of undertaking freelance or consultancy work?

Get help and support from the Enterprise Champion. 

The Enterprise team complies with the AGCAS Code of Practice on Guidance.

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Once you’re ready to start your business the Enterprise Champion will refer you to the Northern Lights Business Support Programme.