Personal Tutors

Personal Tutors are academic staff members, usually a tutor associated with your course, who can provide you with guidance in academic matters, as well as information about where to go for any additional and specialist support you might need. Your Personal Tutor will also advise you on your progress and issues such as option choices on your degree programme. You will find the name of your Personal Tutor in MyUCLan.

Peer Mentoring

The Peer Mentoring programme in Burnley is similar to the core Peer Mentoring programme based at the main campus in Preston.

Peer Mentors (the person providing the support) support Mentees (the person receiving the support) through face to face meetings and emails to discuss any personal or academic issues. Peer Mentors offer practical support and signposting to other services.

Peer Mentors can help student Mentees by helping them settle into University life, make friends and provide guidance and advice with any personal and academic issues that they may have.

Find out more information on Mentoring.

One to One support at the Burnley Campus


There is academic support to help you with any concerns you may have about your academic work.

Lesley Martin runs regular drop in sessions. It may be that you have not written an academic essay before and do not know what is expected, or you may just be a little unsure about your spelling, grammar and general structure, if so, these sessions are for you. Many students find the correct referencing procedure difficult at first and often do not know how to put a bibliography together - again Lesley can help with these. If you wish to submit your best possible work, let Lesley read it first. Lesley can be contacted on

You can also academic support here at the UCLan Burnley Campus from Lesley Martin - if you have any concerns about your academic work, Lesley is here to help.


WISER Study Support

WISER provide a range of study skills workshops and one to ones with all students at all levels, to improve and enhance their academic work.

WISER can provide help with:

exam revision
assignment writing
note taking strategies
dissertation advice
As well as providing one to one consultations.

You can find out more about WISER support by visiting their website, or by logging into the resources they have developed for eLearn.


Futures - Careers, Employability, and Enterprise

Futures provide careers, enterprise and employability support to students.

Futures have a wide range of resources available to students online including:

Futures Career Booklet Series
Futures on Demand video library
E-guidance:Advice via Email
Online job opportunities

If you would like to speak to a careers advisor face to face you can contact or phone 01772 895858 to make an appointment.