Zachari Duncalf

Zachari Duncalf

Lecturer in Sociology

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Livesey House, LH310

Subject Areas: Sociology

Zachari’s areas of research and teaching interests include:

  • Young people in care, care leavers, residential child care, children’s homes and foster care;
  • Social identities, social movements and minority groups including Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer/Questioning communities, gender, disability, mental health and working women;
  • Disadvantaged youth including understanding poverty, subcultures and criminalisation;
  • Methodology and ethics in particular the contemporary analysis and presentation of research through visual methods and the voice of minorities and how they are represented within research.

Full Profile

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Social Research from the University of Hull.
  • BA (HONS) Sociology and Social Anthropology from the University of Hull.

Zachari joined UCLan in September 2014. Previously she worked first as a Lecturer for the University of Hull and then for the last five years as a Research Fellow for the University of Strathclyde. She is undertaking her PhD at the University of Glasgow. She has undertaken funded research for the Scottish Government, the Scottish Funding Council, the Scottish Human Rights Commission, the Home Office, the Teenage Pregnancy Unit, the British Academy and various charities and local authorities. In working as a Principle Investigator and in partnership with colleagues and organisations she has raised a total of nearly £400,000. In 2014, she was successfully submitted to the REF.

External Activities

• Duncalf, Z. (2014) ‘Interviewing for Education and Social Science Research’ by Carolyn Mears (2009). New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Book review. Oral History. Spring Edition. Pg 126 – 127.

• Goddard, J, Murray, S and Duncalf, Z. (2013) ‘Access to child care records: A comparative analysis of UK and Australian policy and practice.’ British Journal of Social Work. Vol. 43: 759 – 774.

• Duncalf, Z., Hill., L and McGhee, K. (2013) Still Caring? Supporting care leavers in Scotland. Policy Paper. Glasgow: CELCIS.

• Rice, G., Duncalf, Z and Wilson, L. (2012) ‘Changing the interior design of a children’s home to engender ownership and connectedness to the environment.’ Research Report.


Zachari's current research is on adult care leavers exploring identity, narrative and (auto)biography across the life course and future research will focus on the lifelong impacts of care, current issues facing young people in care and young care leavers, intersections of identity and how resilience comes from adversity. She is currently involved writing a number of papers in the area of her current study and previous research projects as well as developing a book proposal on the sociology of care.

International Papers

  • Duncalf, Z. (October, 2012) ‘The resilience of adult care leavers: A presentation drawing from research and personal experience.’ Inspiring Resilience. Tenth Triennial International Child and Youth Care Conference. Alberta, Canada.
  • Duncalf, Z. (May, 2012) ‘Adult care leavers: the impact of a childhood in care.’ ATINER. 6th Annual International Conference on Sociology. University of Athens.
  • Duncalf, Z. (August, 2010) ‘Identity across the life course: Charting the biographies of care leavers.’ Qualitative Methods in Ageing Research. University of Vechta, Germany.
  • Duncalf, Z. (December, 2007) ‘Male Narration, Female Interpretation: A queer perspective.’ The Australian and New Zealand Sociological Association Joint Conference. Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Duncalf, Z. (April, 2007) ‘Identities: Negotiating contemporary spaces.’ American Association of Geographers. San Francisco, USA.

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Zachari is currently module lead for three of the six core modules in Sociology:

  • Doing Social Reseach (2nd Yr)
  • Classical Sociological Thinkers (2nd Yr)
  • Contemporary Social Theory (3rd Yr)


  • Duncalf, Z. (December, 2013) ‘Area 3: the archiving of children’s lives.’ Lanarkshire Local Authority. Invited. Key Note Speaker.
  • Duncalf, Z. (September, 2013) ‘Ending relationships with children who leave care.’ Scottish Attachment in Action Seminar Series, Glasgow. Invited.
  • Duncalf, Z., Furnivall, J and Hawthorn, M. (June, 2013) ‘Sex, love and death – places we dare not go.’ Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care National Conference, University of Strathclyde.
  • Duncalf, Z. (February, 2013) ‘Understanding and supporting the mental health needs of young people in care and care leavers of all ages.’ Samaritans National Conference. Invited. Key Note Speaker.
  • Duncalf, Z. (November, 2012) ‘The dangers and distortions of attachment: views from theory, research and personal experience.’ Scottish Attachment in Action Seminar Series, Edinburgh. Invited. Key Note Speaker.
  • Duncalf, Z. (September, 2012) ‘Celebrating success: understanding and helping young people succeed.’ Cairn Mhor Residential Care Services Annual Meeting. Invited. Key Note Speaker.
  • Duncalf, Z. (September, 2012) ‘Adult care leavers: reflecting on a childhood in care.’ EUSARF International Conference, Glasgow.
  • Duncalf, Z. (July, 2012) ‘Adult care leavers: the lack of representation and voice in policy.’ Social Policy Association, University of York.
  • Duncalf, Z. (July, 2012) ‘Adult Care Leavers: autobiography, identity and the life course.’ Oral History Conference, University of Southampton.
  • Duncalf, Z. (November, 2011) ‘Ten Years On: children and young people in care.’ Children in Scotland Annual Conference, Glasgow.
  • Duncalf, Z. (August, 2011) ‘Young people in care and the internet.’ Looked After Children in the Digital World. Action for Children, Aviemore. Invited. Key Note Speaker.
  • Duncalf, Z. (July, 2011) ‘Static identity, person on the move: changing the way we view young people in care.’ Understanding the Social World, University of Huddersfield.
  • Duncalf, Z and McLeod, I. (June, 2011) ‘Coming to University from care: helping young people aim high.’ Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care National Conference, Glasgow.
  • Duncalf, Z. (April, 2011) ‘Adult care leavers: identity and community.’ British Sociological Association Annual Conference, London School of Economics.
  • Duncalf, Z. (March, 2011) ‘Adult care leavers: celebrating success.’ Celebrating Success in Residential Child Care, Glasgow. Invited.
  • Duncalf, Z. (March, 2011) ‘Listen Up! Adult care leavers speak out: life long after leaving care.’ Healing Environments, Promoting Wellness, Edinburgh. Invited. Key Note Speaker.
  • Duncalf, Z and Goddard, J. (July, 2010) ‘Access to Child Care Records: A Comparative Analysis of UK and Australian Policy and Practice.’ Social Policy Association, University of Lincoln.
  • Duncalf, Z. (June, 2010) ‘Youth, Privacy and Parenting in the Internet Age.’ Changing Families in a Changing World. Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, University of Edinburgh.
  • Ballantyne, N., Daly, E and Duncalf, Z. (September, 2009) ‘Networked public space, surveillance and state care.’ Youth, Media and Communication, Liverpool John Moores University.
  • Duncalf, Z. (September, 2008) ‘Boi’s in trans-it: Using photographic and performative methods to research transgendering.’ 7th Qualitative Research Conference, University of Bournemouth.
  • Duncalf, Z. (August, 2007) ‘Queer and ‘Other’ Masculinities: The Images of Del LaGrace Volcano.’ Masculinity and the Other: An Interdisciplinary Conference, University of Oxford.
  • Duncalf, Z. (December, 2006) ‘Internet-Based Research: Triangulation and Turmoil.’ English Department Seminar Series, Dealing with Primary Sources, University of Hull.


  • Ambassador for the Care Leavers’ Association
  • The British Sociological Association
  • The British Sociological Association The Sociology of Residential and Foster Care joint founder and co-ordinator