Prof. Georgy Makhviladze

Emeritus Professor of Fire

School of Forensic and Applied Sciences

+44 (0) 1772 89 3222

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Georgy graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with the First Prize of the USSR Academy of Sciences for his MPhil thesis in combustion. Following this, his research career developed at the Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He started as a research student and progressed to junior, senior and chief researcher to Head of Thermogasdynamic Laboratory.

Georgy was qualified as a PhD in Molecular and Chemical Physics in 1973 and as a Doctor of Sciences in Mathematics and Physics in 1984. In his doctoral thesis he studied non-steady flows accompanying ignition, combustion and explosion phenomena. He was awarded the title Professor in 1990.

Georgys teaching activities developed along with his research. After gaining his PhD he was invited to work as a part-time staff in alma mater, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, where he was an assistant, lecturer, senior lecturer. In 1986 was elected as a Professor in Physical and Chemical Mechanics.

Between 1989-1993 he was visiting professor at leading universities in Germany, Canada, USA, Japan and France.

In 1993 he joined the academic staff at the University of Central Lancashire as as sponsored Chair of Fire Engineering. In 1994 he became Head of the Fire Centre.


G. M. Makhviladze, A. V. Shamshin, S. E. Yakush, A. P. Zykov. Experimental and numerical modelling of transient compartment fires. Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves, 2006, no.6, pp. 723-730.

G. M. Makhviladze, S. E. Yakush. Modelling of Formation and Combustion of Accidentally Released Fuel Clouds. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Trans. IChemE 2005, vol. 83, pt. B, pp. 171–177.

G. M. Makhviladze, S. E. Yakush. Large-scale unconfined fires and explosions. Invited Topical Review for a special memorial session devoted to the September 11th fire. 29th Symposium (Int.) on Combustion, Proceedings of the Combust. Institute, 2003, v. 29, pp. 195-210.

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Georgy's research interests include combustion and explosions phenomena, gasdynamics of reacting and disperse flows, fire and explosion science and engineering, fire and explosion investigations, environmental issues related to accidental industrial releases into the atmosphere, and sustainable solutions in fire engineering.

The Centre has a strong track record in these areas, including 8 grants from

the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council, 4 grants from the Royal Society, several grants from DTI, DEFRA, British Council, EU Framework Programmes and industry (Carbon Trust, Shell and others). Since 2003 we have published more than 30 refereed papers and presented 23 conference works, including 6 invited talks for prestigious International and 2 for National meetings. The applied value of our research is

demonstrated by our participation in investigation of the Ufa-catastrophe, the world’s largest accident connected with releases and explosion of hydrocarbon in the open atmosphere, a terrorist attack on a gas storage site in Warrington, and modelling several fire case studies.

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MPhil, PhD, Dr. Sci., CEngEI; Professor of Fire Engineering; Professor in Physical and Chemical Mechanics

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Georgy's teaching in 2006-2009 has covered three yearlong modules (Introduction in Combustion and Fire, Enclosure Fire Dynamics, and Fires in Buildings) for undergraduate and post-graduate Fire Safety Engineering. They have been delivered in different modes on-campus and in Hong Kong.