Dr. Liben Jiang

Senior Lecturer

School of Engineering

Kirkham Building, KM124

+44 (0) 1772 89 5789

Subject Areas: Engineering, Energy and Sustainability

Dr Liben Jiang is a Senior Lecturer who has had an intensive research experiences for more than 15 years in the building/energy related subjects. His research interests lie in the fields of thermoelectric cooling, solar thermal/PV applications, heat recovery systems, and refrigeration. Currently he is developing a project in thermoelectric power generation. 

Dr Jiang is open to PhD applicants who have interests in his research fields.

Liben is research active within the area of built environment and sustainability and is a member of the Centre for Sustainable Development.

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Having finished his first and master degrees in Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, with experiences of working with Chinese industry and research councils, Dr Liben Jiang joined the University of Nottingham, UK for a PhD study with a project titled “A solar powered heating/cooling/power tri-generation system for buildings”. After successful completion of his PhD study, he spent another 2 ½ years there as a postdoctoral research fellow working on an EPSRC funded project in the field of thermoelectric heat pumping system, exploring the effective heat recovery by using rotating heat pipes and thermoelectric devices. During the nearly 6 years of research life in the University of Nottingham, Dr Jiang intensively strengthened his research skills including designing and setting up testing rigs, measuring and analysing data, and programming/mathematical simulation.

Since he joined the University of Central Lancashire in July 2008 after finishing his postdoctoral research work, Dr Jiang has been focusing on both teaching and research activities in building services engineering and energy associated with it. He not only delivers several modules but also supervises students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels including PhD supervision. He is proactively developing international cooperation, such as overseas course development and collaborative research work, with Chinese and Malaysian universities. He also contributes his knowledge to a couple of the knowledge transfer projects within the University.


  • PGCert Teaching and Learning in Higher Education , University of Central Lancashire, UK, 2012
  • PhD Built Environment, University of Nottingham, UK, 2006
  • MEng Thermal Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, 2000
  • BEng (Hons) Chemical Machinery and Equipment Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, 1997


1) Liben Jiang. (2014). Isothermal dehumidification with a simply thermoelectric device: concept and feasibility. International Journal of Ambient Energy. DOI: 10.1080/01430750.2014.989334 (online available in Dec2014)

2) Rusdy Hartungi, Liben Jiang (2012). "Energy efficiency and conservation in an office building: a case study". International Journal of Energy Sector Management, Vol. 6 Iss: 2, pp.175 – 188

3) Mark Gillott, Liben Jiang, Saffa Riffat. (2010). An Investigation of Thermoelectric Cooling Devices for Small Scale Space Conditioning Applications in Buildings. International Journal of Energy Research, 34(9) :776–786

4) Liben Jiang, Mark Gillott, Saffa Riffat. (2009). Experimental Study of a Thermoelectric Heat Pump System Utilising Bent Heat Pipes for Heat Transfer. International Journal of Low Carbon Technologies, 2009, 4: 197-204

More publications


  • Investigation of heat pipe for effective thermoelectric heat pumping
  • Solar powered heating/cooling/power tri-generation system for buildings
  • A solar powered ejector cooling system for Caribbean climate
  • Exergy analysis on food freeze-drying process
  • Energy survey and retrofit with integration processing technology
  • In-depth study of absorption-ejector hybrid refrigeration system

Research Activities

  • Jan. 2005 -- June 2008: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The University of Nottingham, UK
  • Oct. 2012: Academic visitor, Monash University Sunway Campus, Malaysia
  • Dec 2001 – June 2002: Academic visitor, The University of Nottingham, UK


I am teaching the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat transfer
  • Mechanical Services Design
  • Renewable Energy Technologies

I coordinate the following field trips:

  • Residential Workshop in St Annes, Lancashire
  • AHSREA Winter Conference / US field trip
  • Hong Kong Workshop / Conference


  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Member of World Society of Sustainable Energy Technology (WSSET)

External Activities

  • External examiner for PhD viva in Nottingham University in Oct. and Dec. 2015;
  • External examiner for PhD viva in Coventry University in Oct. 2015;
  • External examiner for MPhil viva in Coventry University 2012;
  • External supervisor for one PhD student from Monash University Sunway Campus, Malaysia, 2012-2014
  • External reviewer for research proposals submitted to EPSRC, The Royal Society, and Leverhulme Trust.


External reviewer (journal papers) for

  • International Journal of Energy Research
  • International Journal of Low Carbon Technologies
  • Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews


Member of International Scientific Committee & Session Chair in the 14th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET2015), August, 2015, Nottingham, UK

Presentations were delivered in the following conferences:

  • International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies in 2015 (Nottingham, UK), 2010 (Shanghai, China), 2006 (Vicenza, Italy) and 2004 (Nottingham, UK),
  • International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings 2010 (SEB10) in Briton, UK;
  • International seminar & workshop on Sustainable building design (SBD08) in Liverpool, UK.

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