Laurence Smith

Research Assistant

School of Health Sciences

Brook Building, BB121

+44 (0) 1772 89 6328

Subject Areas: Allied Health

Laurence is research active within the area of biomechanics and rehabilitation and is a member of the Allied Health Professions Research Unit

Full Profile

Laurence completed his BSc in Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Hertfordshire. He then went on to complete an MSc in the same subject area at Middlesex University, specialising in Physiology and Biomechanics, with a particular interest in 3D Motion Analysis and Electromyography. Laurence completed an original thesis looking into Neuromuscular Control and Biomechanical Variability within a Badminton Serve, and their Effects on Accuracy and Consistency, with which he is hoping to gain his first publication. Alongside his masters degree, Laurence was also involved in several research projects, including studying the biomechanics of circus performers completing high flying straps routines, as well as other smaller projects relating to gait analysis, and The Effects of Ankle Supports and Taping on Navicular Drop. During this time Laurence also spent a few months as a visiting researcher at the University of Essex, and assisted with data collection for their study relating to the Effects of Green Exercise on Ambulatory Blood Pressure in the Older Population. 


Laurence is currently working alongside Dr Ambreen Chohan and Professor Jim Richards in conjunction with a major bed and mattress manufacturing company. Together, they are completing research into a range of new products that have been developed with the aim of improving spinal alignment during sleep.