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Jonathan Colman

Dr. Jonathan Colman

Senior Lecturer in International History

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Livesey House, LH308

+44 (0) 1772 89 3114

Subject Areas: History, Politics and International Relations

Jonathan is a historian of American and British foreign policies during the Cold War, and has taught and published widely in this area. His latest monograph explores the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, placing this dramatic confrontation in a wide perspective.

Jonathan is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Full Profile

Dr Jonathan Colman is a historian of US and British foreign policies, including the role of embassies and foreign ministries, during the twentieth century. He has published three monographs – including one placing the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 in an international perspective – and numerous articles in leading peer-reviewed journals. He is now writing a biography of the British diplomat Frank Roberts, who over a four-decade career occupied important posts in London and abroad, and was involved in the origins and diplomacy of the Second World War, postwar planning, Cold War containment policy, transatlantic cooperation, and European integration. Jonathan would be would be delighted to supervise research students exploring the international history of the twentieth century, especially the Cold War.


  • PhD, University of Liverpool, 2003. Dissertation: ‘Harold Wilson, Lyndon B. Johnson and Anglo-American relations ‘‘at the summit’’, 1964-68’.
  • MA (Distinction): International Studies, University of Leeds, 1996. Joint winner of the ‘Solk Prize’ for best performance.
  • PGCE in Further, Adult and Higher Education, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2003.
  • BA Combined Hons (First Class), Liverpool Institute of Higher Education, 1995.


The Cuban Missile Crisis: Origins, Course, and Aftermath (Edinburgh University Press, 2016).

‘Never a Dull Moment’: The Moscow Ambassadorship of Frank Roberts in the Years of the Berlin and Cuban Missile Crises, 1960-62 (forthcoming).

The ‘Most Distinguished Envoy of Peace”: Averell Harriman and the Vietnam War in the Johnson Years, The International History Review, 38:1 (2016),66-87,

‘The “Bowl of Jelly”: The Department of State in the Kennedy and Johnson Years, 1961-68’, The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, 10 (2015), pp.172-196.

‘Lost Crusader? Chester Cooper and the Vietnam War, 1963-68’, Cold War History, 12, 3 (August 2012), pp.429-49.

More publications

External Activities


British Academy Small Research Grant, 2010-11, for archival research in Britain and the United States into ‘Britain, the Kashmir Question and the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965’.

British Academy Small Research Grant, 2004-07, for archival research in Britain and the United States into ‘The Role of the US Embassy in London, 1946-53’.


‘Anglo-American Relations, the India-Pakistan Conflict and the Rann of Kutch Crisis, 1965’, British International History Group, 2012.

Department of International Politics, University of Aberystwyth, 2011, ‘The Escalation of the Vietnam War, 1963-65’.

British International History Group, University of Salford, 2009: ‘Britain and the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965’.

Transatlantic Studies Association, Canterbury Christ Church University, 2009, ‘Portrait of an Institution: The US Embassy in London, 1945-53’.

Transatlantic Studies Association, Dundee, 2008: ‘The US Embassy and British Film Policy, 1947-48: A ‘’lesser but highly explosive question’’’.

International History Research Group, University of Aberystwyth, 2005: ‘David Bruce and the London Embassy, 1961-69’.

British International History Group, University of East Anglia, 2004: ‘The Washington Embassy of Sir Patrick Dean 1965-69’.

British Association of American Studies, University of Aberystwyth, 2003: ‘The London Ambassadorship of David Bruce 1964-68’.

Transatlantic Studies Association, Dundee, 2002: ‘Harold Wilson, Lyndon B. Johnson and Anglo-American Summit Diplomacy 1964-68’.

Postgraduate International History Conference, National Archives, 1999: ‘Anglo-American Relations and British Policy Towards Europe, 1964-68’.

Institute for Contemporary British History, University of London, 1998: ‘Anglo-American Relations and the British Withdrawal from East of Suez 1964-68’.

PhD Supervision

Primary supervisor for Alex Miles ‘Bush, Clinton, and the Rise of the Rogue States Doctrine’, University of Salford PhD, 2010.

PhD Examining

Internal examiner for Sergei Mudrov, ‘The Role of Christian Churches in European Integration’, University of Salford, 2012.

External examiner for Roger Hooton Platt: ‘British Relations with the Soviet Government in the Era of Détente, 1964-75’, University of Liverpool, 2011.

Seminar and Conference Organisation

Joint organiser of International History Seminar Series, University of Salford, 2007-12; seminar organiser for the Centre for International Security and War Studies, Salford, 2007-12.

Joint organiser of ‘Intelligence, Crises and Diplomacy: Lessons from History?’ conference at Gregynog, University of Wales Conference Centre, May 2005. Speakers included Christopher Andrew and Philip Bobbitt. Conference proceedings published in Intelligence and National Security, 21, 6 (October 2006).

Other Activities

Peer referee for Continuum/Bloomsbury, Diplomacy and Statecraft, International History Review, The Journal of Transatlantic Studies, Pearson Education, and Manchester University Press.

Book reviewer for Contemporary Review, Diplomacy and Statecraft, International Affairs, International History Review, and other journals.


  • British International History Group
  • Transatlantic Studies Association
  • Higher Education Academy


Jonathan is engaged in two research and writing projects - a monograph exploring the Cuban Missile (placing this dramatic episode in a broad context) and another monograph exploring Anglo-American policies towards the India-Pakistan war of 1965. These and previous projects have involved extensive work in UK and US archives. He has a particular interest in the foreign policies of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, and in using some of the fruits of his research in the classroom.

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

  • HY1111 America: Colonies to Nation, c.1750-1970
  • HY2099 America and the World, 1898-2001
  • HY3063 The Presidency of John F. Kennedy, 1961-1963