Dr. Janine Arnott

Senior Research Fellow

School of Nursing

Brook Building

+44 (0) 1772 89 5148

Subject Areas: Health and Social Care

Janine is a social scientist with a special interest in children’s health care. Her particular areas of interest are optimising children’s medicines and the delivery of children’s healthcare, especially for children with Neurodevelopment disorders such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Janine is especially interested in informing children’s health policy at a local and national level and this drives her research. Janine uses mainly qualitative research methods and has substantial experience interviewing children and young people. 

Full Profile


  • B.Soc.Sci. (Hons) Social Policy, University of Manchester, 2002
  • MRes. Health and Community Research, University of Manchester, 2003
  • Ph.D. The Social Construction of Vaccine Controversies, University of Manchester 2007

Janine spent 10 years in the voluntary sector working with families of children with ASD before entering academia. Her academic background is in the social sciences and her undergraduate degree in social policy reflects her interest in making, implementing and evaluating health and welfare policy. During her postgraduate studies Janine developed a special interest in children’s health policy. Her PhD explored the social construction of vaccines health scares and Janine’s interest in perceptions of medicines has continued to shape her research and teaching.

Janine joined UCLan in 2013 as non-clinical research fellow in Faulty of Health and Wellbeing where she is a member of the School of Nursing. Within the school, Janine is a member of the newly formed Supporting Evaluation and Research in Child and Community Health (SEaRCCH) study team headed by Karen Whittaker.

Working with other institutes and organisations is essential for developing and delivering high class research. Janine is a member of the Children’s Nursing Research Unit (CNRU); an ambitious and creative research collaboration between four Universities and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital headed by Professor Bernie Carter with the aim of developing high quality children’s health research.

Continuing the theme of collaborative research, Janine is also a member of the Paediatric Medicines Research Unit (PMRU); a collaboration of Universities and NHS Trusts in Liverpool to develop high quality research and expertise in paediatric medicines.

Ensuring that research influences policy and practice is at the heart of research activity. Janine chaired the Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) interest group for the Cheshire and Merseyside Strategic Clinical Network that explored ways to improve access to services for children with ASD and their families. This work has now been absorbed into the Mental Health Special Interest Group and Janine continues to advise on ASD specific issues.

Integrating research into teaching is crucial for supporting future researchers and practitioners and Janine teaches a range of sessions that bring recent and current research into the classroom. These include providing teaching sessions for pharmacy students, postgraduate and post qualifying students on Adverse Drug Reactions in Children using data and findings from her own research. Janine’s teaching on the Advanced Research Methods module is also supported by examples of research studies – bringing the research process to life in the classroom. Janine also supervises postgraduate students.

Janine has experienced in qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research but has a special interest in qualitative research. Janine has experience and expertise in interviewing (especially with children and young people), photo-elicitation, content analysis, case studies, and grounded theory. Janine is a member of the Health Research Methodology and Implementation (HeRMI) group at UCLan and is a Deputy Vice-Chair of the the School Ethics Committee.

During 2017, Janine will undertake a secondment to Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust to help generate and support research activity within the Trust.

External Affiliations and Roles

Chair of ASD Special Interest Group. Cheshire and Merseyside Strategic Clinical Network


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More publications

Teaching Activities


  • Advanced Research Methods (Tutor)
  • Post qualifying prescribing and adverse drug reactions in children (Tutor)


  • Manipulation of Medicines Required in Children (MODRIC) current
  • Medicines in School (2016 – current) 
  • International Children’s Illness and Symptom Study (2016)
  • Developing and sharing the pain expertise of parents of children with profound cognitive impairment (2016)
  • Adverse drug reactions in children: Qualitative (ADRIC-QUAL) (October 2009 – December 2012)


2016 Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists Procurement & Distribution Interest Group (PDIG) Summer Symposium (Oral presentation) How do we give medicines to children when there is no liquid formulation? (invited speaker)

2015 Royal College of Paediatric and Children’s Health (RCPCH) and the Royal College of Nursing Conference (RCN) Conference (Oral presentation and symposium) Better and Safety Medicines for Children (Invited speaker)

2014 European Academy of Paediatric Societies

2012 Childhood & Youth Conference, University of Lancaster (Poster presentation) Developing a parent information leaflet

2012 Health Services Research Network Symposium (Poster presentation) Barriers and motivations to patient participation in systematic pharmacovigilance: lessons from parents.

2011 PRIMM (Poster presentation) Families’ experiences of suspected adverse drug
reactions in children and drug safety reporting

2010 Health Policy & Politics Network. (Oral presentation) Families’ experiences of adverse drug reactions: A qualitative study.

2009 British Psycho-oncology Society. (Oral presentation) Predictors of patients’ use of cancer support groups

2008 Political Science Association (Health Subgroup) (Oral presentation) DTP and MMR: a political analysis.

2005 LSE: Risk and Regulation (Oral presentation) The Social Construction of Vaccine Controversies

2005 Socialist Health Association (Oral presentation) Consumerism and Vaccination

2005 University of Manchester PhD conference (Oral presentation) Risk and the Media