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Dr. Pamela Qualter

Dr. Pamela Qualter

Reader in Developmental Psychology

School of Psychology

Darwin Building, DB207

+44 (0) 1772 89 3877

Pamela Qualter is Reader of Developmental Psychology. She is one of the UK’s leading experts in the field of child/adolescent loneliness and an important researcher of social and emotional skills within education.

Pamela is currently undertaking a programme of research that examines loneliness during childhood and adolescence. That programme aims to establish whether there are (a) individual differences in the course of loneliness from childhood to early adulthood, (b) risk factors for stable, long-term loneliness, and (c) poor health outcomes for people who experience increasing and stable, prolonged loneliness.

Pamela is research active within the area of Psychology. She is a member of the Cognitive Research Group, the Health Psychology Research Group and the Emotions, Credibility and Deception Group.

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BA(Hons) Psychology (1992)

PhD Social-Developmental Psychology (1995)

Charted Psychologist


Rotenberg, K.J., Qualter, P., Holt, N., & Harris, R., Barrett, L., & Henzi, P. (in press). Interpersonal trust and playground behaviour. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.

Qualter, P., Gardner, K.J., Pope, D., Hutchinson, J.M., & Whiteley, H.E (2012). Ability emotional intelligence, trait emotional intelligence, and academic success in British secondary schools: A 5-year longitudinal study. Learning and Individual Differences, 22, 83-91.

Qualter, P., Brown, S.L., Rotenberg, K.J., Vanhalst, J, Harris, R.A., Goossens, L, Bangee, M., & Munn, P. (2013). Trajectories of Loneliness during Childhood and Adolescence: Predictors and health outcomes. Journal of Adolescence: Special Issue on Loneliness, 36, 1283-1293.

Qualter, P., Rotenberg, K. J. Barrett, L., Henzi, P, et al., (2013). Investigating Hypervigilance for Social Threat of Lonely Children. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 41, 325-338.

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Previous research awards

2005: Developing social and emotional competencies to help young people excluded from school re-engage with education. Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. £64,425. Additional funding for the development of the computer version of these materials. Urban Regeneration Funding. £56,198.66. For school resource, see In collaboration with Professor Helen Whiteley (Edge Hill) and Janet Read (UCLan: Computing).

2006: Social engagement, emotional intelligence and loneliness among school-children. ESRC. £78,903.47. See full report. In collaboration with Professors Peter Henzi and Louise Barrett, University of Lethbridge, Canada.

2007: British Academy Travel Grant. £4000.

2009: Script representations of alcohol-related aggression in underage drinkers. Alcohol Education Research Council. £4,958. In collaboration with Drs. Steve Brown, Liverpool University, & Sarah Coyne, Brigham Young University, Utah, USA.

2009: Evaluation of the economic and social impact of an in-school counselling service in Burnley, East Lancashire. East Lancashire NHS Primary Care Trust. £19, 980.

2009: The Development of Emotional Intelligence within PDP Provision. The Higher Education Academy Psychology Network. £15543.06. In collaboration with Drs. Helen Dudiak & Jan Anderson (Teesside University), Dr. Debbie Pope (Edge Hill University) & Dr. Kathryn Gardner (UCLan: Psychology).

2010: The role of literacies in Higher Education. Higher Education Academy. £199,00.00. In collaboration with Professor Vicki Tariq, Dr. Yvon Appleby, and Lynne Barnes (UCLan: Centre for Applied Education Research).

Current Research Awards

2013: Social scripts and alcohol related aggression in alcohol naïve adolescents. ESRC, £338,118.76. With Steve Brown and Bridget Young (University of Liverpool).


Member of The British Psychological Society

Society for Research in Child Development

Higher Education Academy

Association for Child Mental and Adolescent Mental Health

Society for Research in Adolescence

European Society for Developmental Psychology.

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Postgraduate Research Students
Research Degrees Tutor for Psychology
Research Degrees Sub-Committee Co-Chair

Previous PhD Students:

Dominic Ritter. Awarded Doctor of Philosophy 2004
Kathryn Gardner. Awarded Doctor of Philosophy 2007
Sue Ould. Awarded Doctor of Philosophy 2010
Chris Bale. Awarded Doctor of Philosophy 2010
Lorraine Dacre-Poole. Awarded Doctor of Philosophy 2011
Rebecca Harris. Awarded Doctor of Philosophy 2013
Jennifer Barrett (2011-present)
Claire Roper (2011-present)
Munirah Bangee (2011-present)
Loren Abell (2012-present)
Jingqi Yang (2013-present)