Egle Passante

Dr. Egle Passante

Lecturer in Pharmacology

School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Maudland Building, MB240

+44 (0) 1772 89 5836

Subject Areas: Pharmacology

Dr Egle Passante is a lecturer in Pharmacology in the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences. Her work focuses on investigating how mast cells and basophils regulate their survival after sensitisation. Her research might lead to the identification of potential therapeutic targets to modulate the severity of the allergic reaction.

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In 2012 Dr Passante was appointed as a permanent Lecturer in Pharmacology at the University of Central Lancashire. She is establishing her independent research programme in mast cell physiology

Prior to start working for UCLan Dr Passante had been performing postdoctoral research at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland where she had been been appointed as a flow cytometry application specialist. Dr Passante established a novel, multidisciplinary approach at the interface of quantitative experimentation and systems-level network analysis to identify and classify drug interactions by HTS screening.

Prior the postdoctoral experience Dr Passante worked as a postgraduate student at the School of Pharmacy in Trinity College Dublin where she was awarded of the Trinity research studentship 2005/2008.

Dr Passante completed her PhD under the supervision of Dr Neil Frankish and Dr Helen Sheridan. The focus of her research was to investigate mast cell stabilising properties of molecules belonging to the drug pipeline of the Pharmatrin Ltd., a company specialised in developing small molecules with potential therapeutic application in the areas of inflammation and auto-immune diseases.

Prior to her PhD Dr Passante spent 18 months as a full-time researcher at the Physical Chemistry Department of the University of Palermo where she spectrophotometrically investigated the solubilisation properties of two betalain pigments that she extracted from Opuntia Ficus Indica in biomimetic vescicles. Beforehand she was awarded of the Erasmus mobility grant and she spend three months working as a full time synthetic chemist at the medicinal chemistry lab at the School of Pharmacy, London; she synthesised a library of syalic acid analogues with anticancer potential.


PhD, ImmunoPharmacology, Trinity College Dublin, 2009
MSc. Chemistry and PharmaceuticalTechnologies, University of Palermo, 2005


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Passante, Egle and Frankish, Neil (2009) The RBL-2H3 cell line: its provenance and suitability as a model for the mast cell. Inflammation Research, 58 (11). pp. 737-745. ISSN 1023-3830

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At present, apoptosis in MC and BS is an extremely under-investigated field, and the role of key players of the apoptosis execution in these types of cells is still a conundrum. Knowing how MC and BS regulate their survival after sensitisation might lead to the identification of potential therapeutic targets to modulate the severity of the allergic reaction.

Her study will be aimed to clarify the regulation of key proteins of the apoptotic pathway during MC and BS sensitisation .




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The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland; Registered Pharmacist (Reg No 8537)