Dr. Wasiq Khan

Research Associate

School of Engineering

C&T Building, CM 225

+44 (0) 1772 89 5156

Subject Areas: Computing

Wasiq Khan is working as Research Associate (Intelligent Systems in Aerospace) in the School of Engineering, University of Central Lancashire. He specialises in intelligent systems and speech processing research. He previously worked as Research Fellow at Intelligent System Lab, Reading University for the Human Gait Analysis and Decision Support Systems. Wasiq Khan is research active within the area of Speech Processing, Applied Image Processing, and Decision Support Systems.

Full Profile

Wasiq Khan is working as Research Associate (Intelligent Systems in Aerospace) in the School of Engineering, University of Central Lancashire since October 2014. At UCLAN, Wasiq is working on a number of research projects related to Aerospace technology, Applied Image Processing, Intelligent Resource Allocation, and Decision Support Systems.

His research interests include autonomous and intelligent systems, speech processing, and image processing. Previously, Wasiq worked at Reading University where he developed a novel approach for Pathological Human Gait anomaly detection and Decision Support System. Wasiq also have worked as Assistant Lecturer at Bradford University while teaching a number of modules to under-graduate and post-graduate students.

Wasiq completed a PhD by research at Bradford University in 2015 which developed new methods for time warped speech signal matching using dynamic state modelling and Kalman filter.


Ph.D. Speech Processing and Artificial Intelligence, University of Bradford, 2015

PGCHEP. Fellow of Higher Education Academy, University of Bradford, 2013

M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence for Board games, University of Bradford, 2008

M.Sc. Computer Science, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, 2006

B.Sc. Mathematics, Physics, Geography, University of Punjab, 2002

Research Activities

Current research is based on Intelligent Warning System for abnormal situations in Aircrafts. Also, working on improving the existing Speech enhancement methods in terms of silence removal. In addition, writing a number of proposals for research funding.


Flight Guardian

Teaching activities and responsibilities

Tutorial help to undergraduate students in Applied Mathematics

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