Dr. Tim McDonnell

Lecturer in Waste to Resource Management

School of Forensic and Applied Sciences

Kirkham Building, KM107

+44 (0) 1772 89 3524

Subject Areas: Design, Energy and Sustainability, Engineering, Geography and Environment

Tim’s current research is focussed on the transfer of knowledge and technology in waste reduction and materials recovery through recycling. This extends right across a product’s life cycle from design for recycling at the product concept stage to environmentally greener recovery at end of life treatment. The door swings both ways though, with knowledge gained in the industry application of technologies, legislation and increasing environmental performance being used for research informed teaching in the classroom.

Full Profile

Ph.D. Environmental Management, 2011

M.Sc. Electronic Engineering. 1981

B.Sc (Hons). Biomedical Electronics. 1980


McDonnell, T. J. & Florentine, P. (2014) ‘Waste Out, REACH In’ The Journal for Waste & Resource Management Professionals (September), pp 38-40

McDonnell, T. J. (2013) 'The direction of recycling processes in the sound environmental treatment of waste Liquid Crystal Displays containing mercury', Advanced Electronics Producers conference with EU Environment Directorate on the proposed revision of the Implementing Measure on Eco-design of televisions, Brussels, Belgium, 10 January.

Williams, K. S. & McDonnell, T. J. (2012) 'Recycling Liquid Crystal Displays', V. Goodship & A. N. L. Stevels, eds. 'Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) handbook', (30) 1 ed. Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge,UK. (in-print)

Glover, A. R., Lowe, C. N., McDonnell , T. J., & Williams, K. S. (2013) 'A study of the attitude and perceptions of Waste Disposal Authorities(WDAs)in the collection and treatment of WEEE from Designated Collection Facilities', Centre for Waste Management, University of Central Lancashire, CWM:REPIC/2012/FR, Preston ,UK., pp 1-28


Membership of professional and learned bodies

Member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management (MCIWM)

Member of the Chartered Society of Environmentalists (CEnv)

Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Research activities

Waste Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Hazardous Waste Management

Legislation and Policy in Wastes and Resource Recovery

Waste Recycling Technologies

Collaboration with Waste Recycling and Resource Recovery Industry

Design for Recycling of Advanced Electronics


Illuminate Framework 7 (grant agreement No 603667) (2013-2016)

In order to facilitate lamp waste treatment, maximize the recovery rates and improve working environment, an automated, sealed sorting unit has been developed. The concept of the ILLUMINATE proposal was to develop automated systems that are able to effectively sort bulbs into different classes and remove foreign objects. The ILLUMINATE project brought together 9 companies from 3 EC member states to take on these challenges

Design for Recycling of Light Emitting Diode Lighting Technologies 2013

Wastes and Sustainability Policy in Climate Change 2013

Environmental forensic analysis of Mercury bearing WEEE in fire events 2013 – 2014

Liquid Crystal Display Recycling and Recovery of Resources 2008 -2011

Manual Recovery Technologies in the Environmental Capture of Mercury in LCD Recycling 2010

Automated technologies in the Environmental Capture of Mercury from LCD Recycling 2013

Design for Recycling of Liquid Crystal Display Televisions 2012

Waste gas discharge and LED lighting analysis 2013

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Lecturer in Wastes and Resource Management

Module Leader in NT4010 Environmental Legislation and Policy

Module Leader in NT4035 Carbon Regulation and Policy

Module Leader in NT4040 Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Accounting

Research Dissertation Supervisor

External Activities

Member of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management (MCIWM)

Member of the Society for Environmentalists (CEnv)

Member of the Steering Group Lancashire Recycling Network


McDonnell, T. J. Williams, K. S. & Avison, J. (2016) 'Controlling Mercury in the Waste Stream’, 5th International Conference on Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management ,Crete , 29th September.

McDonnell, T. J. & Williams, K. S. & Avison, J. (2015) 'Mercury in the Spotlight, 14th International Electronics Recycling Congress, ICM AG, ed., (Switzerland) in Salzburg, Austria, 21 January.

McDonnell, T. J. & Williams, K. S. (2012) 'Application of environmental practices in the commercial recycling of liquid crystal displays', 11th International Electronics Recycling Congress, ICM AG, ed., (Switzerland) in Salzburg, Austria, 19 January.

McDonnell, T. J. & Williams, K. S. (2010) 'LCD Recycling Automated or Manual Processes', 5th World Recycling Forum, Hong Kong, China. 16 November.

McDonnell, T. J. & Williams, K. S. (2010) 'Commercial recycling of LCD and its challenges: A UK perspective', 9th International Electronics Recycling Congress, Salzburg, Austria. 21 January.

McDonnell, T. J. & Williams, K. S. (2009) 'Business Challenges of Recycling Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) equipment', WARMNET, University of Nottingham. 16 June.