Brigit Ramsingh

Dr. Brigit Ramsingh


School of Sport and Wellbeing

Darwin Building, DB203

Subject Areas: Food Safety

Brigit Ramsingh is an historian of food safety and has researched the development of international food safety standards, with particular focus on the UN's Codex alimentarius (the "Food Code"). Prior to this research, she has worked in areas of food policy and food legislation at Health Canada's Food Directorate as well as on the development of a framework for microbial food safety policy research in Canada.

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Ph.D. History & Philosophy of Science & Technology, University of Toronto, 2011

M.A. History & Philosophy of Science & Technology, University of Toronto, 2002

B.A. (Honours) Biology, Carleton University, 2000


Ramsingh, B. and C.A. Wallace. “Going beyond sights, smells and tastes: shared responsibility for food safety at farmers’ markets in the Northwest of England.” Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery Proceedings (Forthcoming 2015).

Ramsingh, B. 2014. The emergence of international food safety standards and guidelines: understanding the current landscape through a historical approach. Perspectives in Public Health. Volume 134 (4), pp 206-215.

Ramsingh B, "Cracking the Codex: The Establishment of Food Safety Standards and the Codex Alimentarius Commission. 1963-1985" In: M. Bianca Seaton and Sara Allin (Eds.) MCIS Briefings: The Comparative Program on Health and Society Lupina Foundation Working Papers Series 2007-2009. Published 2010.

Ramsingh, B., “Standardizing Tolerance or Tolerating Standards? Pesticide Residues in the European Community (1955-1985.) In: European Academy for Standardization (EURAS) Workshop Proceedings, 2009, Paris, France.


Research Activities

  • Food safety history
  • Food safety policy
  • Food safety culture
  • EU and International food legislation and standards
  • Food labelling 
  • Food waste and alternative food practices
  • Sustainable food networks
  • food hygiene rating schemes
  • food policy

Teaching Activities

  • XS4030 Effective Food Safety Management Systems
  • XS4033 Current Issues in Food Safety Management
  • XS4031 International Food Law
  • XS4034 Research Methods for Postgraduate Study 

Research Groups

The International Institute of Nutritional Sciences and Applied Food Safety Studies.

Sustainable Food NW – Sustainable Food Research Collaboration  (with Manchester Metropolitan University)