Dr. Andrew Warstat

Lecturer In Photography

Media Factory, ME330

+44 (0) 1772 89 5044

Dr Andrew Warstat is a writer, photographer and artist: recent exhibitions include After the Disaster (Outpost, 2008) and The Object of Photography (The Burton Gallery, 2009). Publications include work on John Stezaker and the role of negation and destruction in contemporary art and photography. Current research projects include work on the historical and political conditions of the contemporary British art school.

Full Profile

Dr Andrew Warstat is a writer, photographer and artist based in Yorkshire. His recent work has been exhibited in both the UK and Europe; solo and group shows include After the Disaster (Outpost, Norwich, 2008) and The Object of Photography (The Burton Gallery, Leeds, 2009).

As a writer, Andrew has worked as an editor on the Routledge journal parallax, and has published essays and texts on contemporary art and photography. He completed his PhD (Negation and the Image: John Stezaker, Mediation and the Afterlife of the Work of Art) at the University of Leeds in 2009.

Recent conference papers include presentations at Tate Modern and Tate Britain. His current writing includes a chapter on the work of the filmmaker Lewis Klahr for a forthcoming edited collection on animation and the document; a book project on the politics of the contemporary British art school, and an essay on the relationship between creativity, ignorance and knowledge with Kettle’s Yard and Black Dog Publishing.

On-going research includes: work on the ‘reappearance’ of debates about realism in recent Marxist aesthetics; analysis of the practice and representation of destruction and decay in post war photography; and investigations into the politics of time via an examination of the use of the ‘archaic’ in contemporary art.

Research Activities


Orpheus Looking Back, South Hill Park ISBN: 0950720585

Empty, Swept and Garnished, Elsewise Publishing ISBN: 0955078903

After The Disaster, Elsewise Publishing ISBN: 978-0-9550789-2-7

The Object of Photography, The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery ISBN: 13978-1-874331-38-4 (includes an extended essay on ‘The Artist as Stan Laurel’ by Rowan Bailey)


Current teaching responsibilities include delivering both undergraduate and postgraduate modules on the relationship of theory to contemporary photographic practice.


PhD Negation and the image: John Stezaker, mediation and the afterlife of a work of art (University of Leeds, 2009)
MA Fine Art,( Middlesex University, 2000)
BA (Hons.) Fine Art (West Surrey College of Art and Design, 1994)


2010 Cardboard Folly, curated by Emily Speed (exhibited at the Bluecoat, Liverpool during the Liverpool Biennial, Manchester Artists’ Book Fair at Manchester Metropolitan University and at the BABE artists’ book event during April 2011 at the Arnolfini, Bristol)
2010 Unfixed, Hebben Bridge
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1995 On the Verge of the Book, Brighton



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PhD thesis: Negation and the image: John Stezaker, mediation and the afterlife of a work of art (University of Leeds, 2009)

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2007 East Street Arts, Leeds - Showing: Expectations - chair for the discussion between Tim Brennan, Dinah Clarke, Karen Watson, Dr Sue Wilks, Leonor da Silva

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