Adrian Friend

Professor of Architecture

School of Art, Design and Fashion

Harris Building, HB118

+44 (0) 1772 89 3050

Subject Areas: Architecture

Full Profile

Adrian is an architect with over 23 years’ experience in the field.

As the founding director of Friend and Company Architects, Adrian has delivered complex and award-winning projects for high profile stakeholders across a range of sectors. He has a particular interest in using new technologies to socialise architecture in order to inspire ‘citizen builders’, making construction truly collaborative. He believes that this has huge potential to enhance people’s lifestyles and bring about major benefits for whole communities.

During his career Adrian has established the Social Architecture Programme at the University of Nottingham and led a ‘live project’ in South Africa which saw students and local people collaborating on the construction of Jouberton Nursery School in Johannesburg.

His expertise in showcasing new and innovative methods of construction was evident in a recent project where he extensively re-designed the shop area inside London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. The revamped interior combined hand-crafted design with digital fabrication techniques, with a robotic arm used to install a ‘carpet’ of 3D-printed ceramic tiles – a world first.

Adrian gained a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Kingston University in London, followed by a Diploma from University College London and an MA in Academic Practice in Art, Design and Communication from the University of Arts London.