Junior University


In conjunction with the Junior University, UCLan have been running day only and residential activities for many years.

We have collated a list of questions that students have raised in the past as the answers to these questions may give you a better idea of what our events are really like.


Dates will be announced soon, if you would like to be contacted when applications are open please email

What is the point of it?

Taking part in the Junior University should give you a real insight into what it’s like at university or a further education college, and whether it would be the right thing for you. It won’t cost anything to attend the events – all food and refreshments are provided.

Transport to and from the Junior University will be discussed with each School.

Who is the Junior University for?

Junior University is targeted at Year 10 pupils. The project is ideal for you if you are not sure if Higher Education is for you or if no-one in your family has any personal experience of going onto University.

Students with disabilities are welcome on Junior University. If you have any special needs, please ensure you have told us about them on your application form. If you haven’t advised us, please contact the External Liaison and Access Team.

If you need information provided in large print or on coloured paper – just tell us. The more information we have in advance, the better we can support you during the event

What does it cost?

Everything apart from transport is free including sports and social activities and food. However you’ll probably want to bring some spending money with you for additional purchases - you are not likely to need much. We will provide snacks and refreshments.

What does it involve?

You will attend a range of activities that could include: Higher Education subject taster sessions and workshops, team building days, problem solving activities and a social activity. All of the activities will be detailed in the programme you will receive as a participant. Most of the activities have been designed to help you build your confidence and get more involved in working in teams. It is a good way of helping you develop the skills to meet new people and try out different things you might not have tried before.

Current students studying on degree courses will be working alongside you throughout the programme as well as experienced staff from the University.

Is it all work, work, work?

For many students, sports and their social life are as important as their academic work. At a typical university you can find over 100 different clubs and societies and they will all want you to join.

Therefore as part of the programme there will be a mixture of academic workshops and social and team activities.

Who’s in charge and are there lots of rules?

Each JU group will have a team of organisers and student helpers who are there to make sure you enjoy and are safe during the activity. You will get to know this team when you arrive and they’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have. We want to treat you as an adult as far as possible during the project. In order to do this we will ask you to agree to adhere to a code of conduct and to respect everyone who is there to help you throughout the event.

Will it be like school?

JU offers you the chance to try out activities you might not have done yet at school, but the activities and the event overall is intended to help you develop independent learning skills and learning how to get along with other people. There will be some sitting down activities, in a classroom style, but these will be run by academic staff and current undergraduate students and will help you understand more about what’s available at University.

What’s the food like?

Food and refreshments will be provided; you will eat with everyone else who is taking part. We will always cater for special diets, please tell us about any specific dietary requirements on your application form.

Will I know anyone?

You may know pupils from your School, but by far the best reports from previous events come from those who came on their own and made new friends. But in case you’re worried about this, just like when you start University or College for real, there’ll be a lot of people around to look out for you and make sure you don’t feel left out.

Can I use my mobile phone?

You will be treated like an adult during the event which means you will need to decide when it is appropriate to use your phone, and when to have it on silent.

During any event if you need to call home you are able to do so.

Will I be able to leave the JU?

Your safety is our responsibility at all times and your whereabouts must be accounted for during the event, so we will ask that you do not leave campus unaccompanied. If you need anything during the event just ask a student ambassador or a member of the organising team.

Will I enjoy it?

Of course, this is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and find out about University and College life. If you do have any worries or concerns you can talk to one of the student helpers or a member of staff.
But don’t take our word for it here are some quotes from past participants when asked about their JU experience:

“Made new friends which I now keep in touch with and have more of a social life.” Year 10 student from Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College, Burnley

“I understand more about University and how to cope with University life.” Year 10 student from Ss John Fisher and Thomas More RC High School, Colne

“I feel JU has built confidence and helped me with my communication skills.” Year 10 student from Broughton High School, Preston

“Everyone was welcoming and nice and that’s what made it good” Year 10 student from Montgomery High School, Blackpool

“I feel like I want to go to University now because it seems fun and worthwhile as well as educational. “ Year 10 student from Golborne High School, Wigan

“I have learnt new skills which will teach me how to do things in the future, they will help me to get a job in my future dream career”

“Meeting different people and finding out about their different schools and backgrounds.” Year 10 student from Golborne High School, Wigan

“I feel JU has built confidence and helped me with communication skills.” Year 10 student from Fulwood Academy, Preston

“I now know what it takes to get into University and this will help me set aims/goals in the future.” Year 10 student from Ss John Fisher and Thomas More RC High School, Colne

“Getting better confidence and better team player.” Year 10 student from West Craven High School, Barnoldswick

“To try harder” Year 10 student from UTC Lancashire, Burnley

“The one thing that has left an impact is learning that being balanced academically and socially is a key factor in success.” Year 10 student from Pendle Vale College, Colne

“I have made new friends and people I thought I could never be friends with.” Year 10 student from Sir John Thursby Community College, Burnley

“I feel that there is a lot of things that have had a lasting and positive impact on myself from Junior University as it is a great place and has an outstanding environment. I find it difficult to list one thing and so I am going to list a lot of things. There are a lot of people who came to the programme which is why there is an outstanding environment. I feel that I have changed so much for the better throughout the programme. I have developed a somewhat sense of humour and feel a lot more confident. I feel I can take this positive experience and apply it to everyday life. I wish I could do this programme again and again. The hoodies were great and I have found a lot of new skills buried deep inside me.” Year 10 student from Moor Park High School and Sixth Form, Preston

Health & Safety

There will be very specific instructions given to you at the start of the event, such as, what to do if the fire alarm rings and so on. We expect you to adhere to any instructions you are given by a member of the JU team, student ambassadors and other UCLan staff.