Language Academy

Language Testing

The School of Journalism, Language and Communication has been developing English language tests for over ten years and currently produces examinations for external awarding bodies in addition to those for UCLan.

Are you interested in taking an English language test in order to study at UCLan? Contact us on We will send you further information and the application form. For all other enquiries about our examination projects, including if you are an awarding organisation seeking an organisation to help you design and develop quality assure assessments, please contact

Over 18,000 candidates annually take our examinations in the UK, Greece, China and Spain and our work is expanding into other countries. Members of the School are involved in producing research connected to the examinations in order to ensure that not only do the tests demonstrate reliability and validity but that they are underpinned by research; an essential feature of any examination which wishes to be credible.

The research carried out for the examinations falls into two areas:

  1. Developing innovative English language assessment methods through which to assess student proficiency against the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR);
  2. Analysing spoken and written language, based on corpora data, with a view to developing examination criteria and alongside international projects such as English Profile to define the framework.

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