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Selected publications include:


Dr Niki Alsford

Alsford, Niki J.P. The Witnessed Account of British ResidentJohn Dodd at Tamsui. (Taipei: SMC Publishing Inc., 2010).

Alsford, Niki J.P. ed. Chronicling Formosa: Setting the Foundations for the Presbyterian Mission 1865-1876 (Taipei: Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines, 2015).

Alsford, Niki J.P. The Tea of Taiwan: Contemporary Adaptation.In Taiwan Since Martial Law: Society, Culture, Economy, Politics,edited by David Blundell, 263-297. (Taipei/Berkeley: University of California and National Taiwan University Press, 2012.)

Alsford, Niki J.P. A Barbarian’s House by the River Tamsui: One House and the History of Its Many Occupants, Journal of Family History 40:2 (April 2015): 153-171.


Chen, Xi. 2014. A Typological Investigation of Evaluation Speech Act in Chinese, Journal of Qingdao Agricultural University, 10.

Chen, Xi. 2014. Compensation Strategies in Evaluation speech acts and its Reflection on Caring Theory, Paper Collection of Korean Studies, 03/2014, Beijing University (Ed), Zhongshan University Press

Chen, Xi. 2013. An investigation on Chinese Learners’ Use of The Supportive Moves in Speech Acts", Journal of Language and Literature Studies, 10.


Jeon, Hae-Sung. 2015. Prosody. In Brown, L. & Yeon, J. (Eds.) Handbook of Korean Linguistics, Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 41-58.

Francis Nolan & Hae-Sung Jeon, 2014. Speech rhythm: a metaphor?, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences, 369: 20130396.

Jeon, Hae-Sung. 2014. The Perception of Korean Boundary Tones by First and Second Language Speakers, Speech Prosody 2014, 2014, 954-958, Dublin, Ireland.

Jeon, Hae-Sung & Francis Nolan (2013) The role of pitch and timing cues in the perception of phrasal grouping in Seoul Korean, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 133(5), 3039–3049

Jeon, Hae-Sung & Francis Nolan (2010) Segmentation of the Accentual Phrase in Seoul Korean, Speech Prosody 2010, 100023:1–4,May 2010, Chicago, USA

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Dr Sojin Lim

Kim, T and S. Lim (2017). Forging 'Soft' Accountability in Unlikely Settings: A Conceptual Analysis of Mutual Accountability in the Context of South-South Cooperation. Global Governance, 23(2): 183-203.

Lim, S. (2017). A Pattern of the Nexus between Aid Motivations and National Interests by Aid Type: A Comparative Study of South Korea, Japan, Germany and France. National Strategy, 23(1): 87-105.

Lim, S. (2014). Compliance with International Norms: Implementing OECD DAC Principles in South Korea. Globalizations, 11(6): 859-874.

Lim, S. (2013). Can There Be an East Asian Donor Model? A Comparative Study of South Korea, China and Japan. Journal of International Development Cooperation, 2013(4): 120-137.

Lim, S. (2013). Donor Behaviour Change in Implementing the Paris Declaration and its Implication for the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation: A Comparative Study of Sweden and China in Tanzania. The Korean Journal of Area Studies, 31(2): 209-232.

Professor John Horne

John Horne and Wolfram Manzenreiter (eds), Japan, Korea and the 2002 World Cup (London: Routledge, 2002)

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Tao, Yu, Hou, Linke and Liu, Mingxing. 2016. The Control, Discretion, and Policy Implementation of Local Authorities in Rural China. The Chinese Journal of Sociology.

Tao, Yu. 2015. Unlikely Friends of the Authoritarian and Atheist Ruler: Religious Groups and Collective Contention in Rural China. Politics and Religion, 8 (01). 86-110.

Wu, Silas and Tao, Yu. 2014. China. In: Worldmark Encyclopaedia of Religious Practices. Farmington Hills. Gale. 328-348.

Tao, Yu. 2014.Coinciding Acceptance and Overlapping Authorities: Social Organisations and Collective Protests in China. In: Studies of Petitioning in China. Shanghai. Academia Press.191-225.

Tao, Yu and Liu, Mingxing. 2014. Intermediate Organisations and Grassroots Conflict Resolution in Rural China. The CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) Journal of Political Science, Vol. 14 (01). 52-61.

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Zou, Keyuan. 2015. Managing Biodiversity Conservation in the Disputed Maritime Areas: The Case of the South China Sea. Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy, Vol.18.

Zou, Keyuan and Liu Xinchang. 2015. New Trends on China’s Practice in Antarctic Expedition Management, International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law, Vol.30.

Zou, Keyuan and Xinchang Liu. 2015. The Legal Status of the U-shaped Line in the South China Sea and Its Legal Implications for Sovereignty, Sovereign Rights and Maritime Jurisdiction, Chinese Journal of International Law, Vol.14. 57-77.

Zou, Keyuan. 2014. Maintaining Maritime Peace in East Asia: A Legal Perspective, Journal of Territorial and Maritime Studies, Vol.1 (2). 27-49.

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