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Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme

The Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme offers students the opportunity to work with UCLan academics on research projects which have real research outputs. Since the scheme launched in 2008, the Centre has sponsored nearly 200 interns who have worked directly with researchers on projects as diverse as digital publishing, wind power, facial composites and business triangles.

Internships are advertised to students in the Spring. Following an appointments process, interns start work at the end of the summer. At the end of the internship, students present posters of their work to the University at a special exhibition attended by the Vice-Chancellor.

Undergraduate Research Internships were pioneered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the 1960s and have since become a feature of the American Higher Education landscape. There is even now a national Council for Undergraduate Research and undergraduate research conferences are becoming more common across the U.S. In the UK, opportunities for students to work directly with researchers have historically been more limited and those that were available tended to be from Science-based disciplines. The UCLan Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme (URIS) began in 2008 and aimed to be multi-disciplinary, opening up research opportunities in the Humanities, Health and Business fields as well as in Science.

The scheme was viewed as a success by staff and students alike from the start, allowing real experience of the life as a researcher, enhancing a variety of academic and employability skills and leading to some fantastic outputs including presentations at conferences, journal articles, new research projects and more. To date the Centre has funded more than 350 projects and is aiming to support approximately 40 more projects this summer.

This is a highly competitive scheme and we fund research interns from across the university on high quality research projects. Currently this scheme is only available to staff and students at UCLan.

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  • Research interns have published journal articles as first authors, second authors or been acknowledged in papers written by staff.
  • Research interns have contributed towards research grant applications
  • Research interns have attended conferences both nationally and internationally to present their research
  • Research interns have become post graduate researchers and in some cases gone on to have interns of their own
  • Research interns consider themselves to have a flying start into their dissertation or final year project.

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