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Pedagogic Research Forum (PRF)


UCLan PRF- Teaching and Research Support Network


  • The PRF is a community of likeminded people who teach and/ or research into teaching and learning.
  • The aim of the PRF is to bring individuals together for informal discussion and sharing of good practice in teaching and learning.
Project lead: Dr Ruth Pilkington   
Project staff: Helen Hewertson



    • Provides support and boosts morale
    • Information/ skills dissemination
    • Alternative multidisciplinary perspectives
    • Review of curricula
    • Networking and inter-school links
    • Raising consciousness of key PRF themes
    • Learning about unfamiliar areas
    • Reminder to carry on tackling educational issues
    • Networking across disciplines
    • Sharing good practice
    • Identification of poor practice , exposing blind spots and improving the teaching experience



    • Sharing research knowledge
    • Impacting upon teaching and learning practice
    • Research in Teaching & Learning
    • Provides useful resources
    • Opens up wider aspects of educational research
    • Motivation to research my own practice
    • Provided confidence to undertake/ consider pedagogic research
    • Insight into research -informed teaching
    • Training/ skills development
    • Promotes interschool friends/ partnerships
    • Delivery of presentations on relevant topics in education
    • Improves recruitment of students as demonstrates our commitment to excellence in teaching

    Collaborators and partners

    All schools have a presence. In total there are 143 staff members (including partner colleges and Myerscough).

    Public outputs

    UCLan Guide to Pedagogic Research, IMPACT – Pedagogic Research, UCLan Journal of Pedagogic Research.

    IMPACT Pedagogic Research



    2003 - present

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