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HARM: ‘Honour’ Abuse Research Matrix

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HARM: ‘Honour’ Abuse Research Matrix  is an emerging global community established by Dr. Roxanne Khan at the School of Psychology, and coordinated by the Criminal Justice Partnership (Violence and Aggression) at the University of Central Lancashire, in the UK.

HARM has one clear objective: to connect proactive members who wish to work collaboratively to broaden and strengthen their efforts to investigate, research, and develop strategies to combat ‘honour’ based abuse, violence and killings.

HARM acts as a first port of call for connecting collaborators across professions, disciplines, theoretical perspectives, empirical approaches, and geographic locations, and encourages a multidisciplinary, transnational approach to foster supportive and fruitful partnerships to achieve these goals.

The HARM welcomes members from the public sector, commercial private sector, civil society, and other relevant organisations including international research organisations. Membership will  be invited to join because their professional expertise will be of great interest and value to other members, as is their potential to contribute to research projects.