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    Oral Dental Sciences

Oral Dental Sciences

The Oral Dental Sciences Research Group (ODSRG) is a laboratory based programme of work led by Professor Stjohn Crean. The main focus of the group, which includes experienced laboratory scientists and postgraduate research students, is to explore the putative link between the presence of oral pathogens and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and dementia, which would further support preventative measures to improve oral health. The programme is enhanced by strong international collaborations. The other current interests of the group include developing methods for isolating and characterising dental stem cells in vitro and exploring their potential in bone augmentation techniques with particular relevance to dental implantology. In addition the group is developing methodologies to tackle the biological contamination of dental water lines.

Course and Postgraduate study

UCLan has developed a broad portfolio of educational events and opportunities for members of the primary care dental team. The core activity is the part-time Masters course, with exit awards available from most programmes at Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma levels. The majority of our Clinical MSc programmes have adopted the following format:

MSc Professional Project Year 3
PG Diploma Evidence Based Clinical Practice Enhanced Clinical Practice Year 2
PG Certificate Appraisal of Clinical Literature Clinical Practice Year 1

Dental Practitioners are faced with many challenges in their busy working lives, not least of which is the desire to augment their existing skills and knowledge by undergoing additional learning and training in a chosen arena of clinical activity. The PGMDE offers a range of DCP courses designed with the dental practitioner and the dental team in mind.

BSc(Hons) Dental Studies (Dental Care Professions)

Post-qualifying Framework for Dental Care Professionals and BSc Dental Studies (Dental Care Professionals).

The School of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education at UCLan is proposing to offer a framework of awards and qualifications for Dental Care Professionals. The BSc(Hons) Dental Studies degree is aimed at Dental Care Professions to give them the opportunity to gain graduate status whilst working and remaining in their vocational subject.

Additional Information

In a world where change is taking place at an ever-increasing pace, the demands placed on dentists and their teams by governance, patients and the increasing costs of providing high quality treatment are also at an all-time high. The modules in this course have been designed to enable dentists, practice managers and dental care professionals to increase their knowledge and competence in the vital areas of leadership and management.

CPD Activity

General dental practitioners and other dental professionals are required to remain up to date with their skills and knowledge in order to give their patients the best possible care and treatment. Thus CPD has become a compulsory activity and it is expected that dentists will complete and keep records of at least 250 hours over a five year period of which 75 hours must be verifiable.

DCPS are expected to complete 150 hours over the same time period of which at least 50 hours must be verifiable. CPD activities range in formats from multimedia learning to attending conferences. But the most popular format remains the lecture / discussion based event.

The SPMDE at UCLan prides itself in keeping in touch with issues pertinent to the educational needs of these working within primary dental care dentistry. Thus PGMDE is delighted to be able to offer a range of CPD events designed with the dental practitioner and the dental team in mind.

CPD Lectures

To complement the short skills courses SPMDE is also delighted to offer a series of CPD evening events based at its Preston UCLan campus alternating with events on the Carlisle site of the UCLan graduate dental school Dental Education Clinical Teaching Facility.

The topics will address all the core topics (medical emergencies, cross infection and radiology) and also provide the opportunity to bring respected speakers to update members of the dental teams on topics which are foremost in the clinical arena. All members of the dental team will be encouraged to attend and will start to create a North of England community of learning in primary dental care.

CPD courses will be available soon.

For enquiries contact: +44 (0)1772 892400

UCLan Dental Clinic

UCLan is the only university in the North West and one of only a few nationally to boast its own on-campus dental clinic. The UCLan Dental Clinic provides first-class dental care to staff and students of the University as well as private specialist dental treatment to other patients. We are fully equipped to give postgraduate students direct access to practical experience in high-end dental work, within the institution. Dental hygienists, nurses and technicians are also able to secure invaluable hands-on experience at the same location as they undertake their CPD studies.