Northern Lights



Northern Lights run a series of regular workshops that cover the key topics for preparing and starting in business.

The latest events schedule can be found on the Calendar, and places MUST be booked beforehand.

Our Core workshops, introduce you to the things you need to cover and put in place to begin trading safely, legally and profitably, they include:

  1. The Big Idea - Business Modelling*
  2. Money Matters – Managing the finance*
  3. Shout About It – Marketing & PR*
  4. Earning Money – Sales for Fun and Profit
  5. Risk and What to Do about it
  6. Your Business and The Law*

Our Masterclasses are series of on-going workshops, provide information and guidance, on the management skills and operational practices you will need to further develop and implement in your commitment to building a really successful and sustainable business.

Our clients are encouraged to make full use of the entire support programme to ensure they continually develop their personal skills and business know-how during their time on the programme.

*NB On completion of the 4 mandatory workshops, you may register with Northern Lights for full on-going Business Adviser support and access to the Business Incubation facilities on the 4th floor of the Media Factory.

To arrange a Northern Lights registration appointment please email or telephone 01772 895 950

Northern Lights event summary