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For all the latest events at Northern Lights including; Business Skills Workshops, Special Guest Master classes, Client Coffee Mornings, Specialist 1-2-1 Advice Clinics and Informal Business Networking events #nlnetworking, please contact us.

For any event booking please email or call 01772 895950 to find out more. For more information on networking events consult the Northern Lights EventBrite site.

Please Note : Workshops are held in the Business Incubation Board Room unless otherwise stated. Northern Lights workshops and events are free of charge. Places must be booked in advance. Booking is confirmed by email. We will charge for non-attendance to cover our costs, unless notice of cancellation is received at least 12 hours before the event.

Important Notice : Specialist Advice Clinics are provided by professional organisations and are registered clients only. Appointments are 45 minutes and must be booked in advance. Clinic bookings are revoked indefinitely for non-arrival at appointments.


Northern Lights workshops are for those who have formulated their idea into a clear ‘ready to roll’ proposition. Those who are not yet clear about their idea should first consider attending the new Kickstarter workshops. Contact: or telephone 01772 895950.

There are 6 Northern Lights workshops that make up the ‘Essentials component of our workshop programme (4 of which are mandatory for Northern Lights Registration, see below*). The majority of our workshops take a personal coached approach to helping you develop logistical management skills, building a viable Business Model and putting those skills into practice.

These workshops will help you shape your business idea for the market, culminating in a viable proposal. At the end of each session you will have the basic content of the different elements of your Plan. By completing all 6 workshops you will have a complete working model and draft Business Plan.

Our monthly workshop schedule is posted on the Northern Lights Business Incubation Facebook page.

It is most important to start by attending the Business Planning – The Big Idea first. This workshop aims to get you started and is the fore-runner to the new set. The remaining workshops can then be attended in any order.

Business Planning - The Big Idea (Monthly)*

Content and Outcome: Outlining and clarifying the business vision. Description of the product/service. Definition of customer. Defining customer requirements. This workshop should be completed first.

Money Matters – Managing the Finance (Monthly)*

Content and Outcome: Good financial Management. Complete a draft Cash-flow forecast for your business. Calculate your break-even price. Understand how finance is managed within the business.

Shout About It – PR & Marketing (Monthly)*

Content and Outcome: How to reach your potential customers. Know and understand your customers. How to identify their needs. How to provide solutions. How to get your message out to them.

Earning Money – Sales Techniques (Bi-Monthly)

Content and Outcome: How to generate income. Understand what makes people buy. How to convince them to buy from you. Selling methods. Client relationship management.

Get Smart - Mitigating Risk (Bi-Monthly)

Content and Outcome: Avoiding business risks. Identification of potential risk area. Avoidance and mitigation. Creative problem solving.

Your Business & The Law (Monthly)*

Content and Outcome: Legal and compliance requirements. This workshop will be (where possible) be followed by a session on T&Cs and Contracts delivered by Napthens Solicitors.

*NB On completion of the 4 mandatory* workshops, you may register with Northern Lights for full on-going Business Adviser support and access to the Business Incubation facilities on the 4th floor of the Media Factory. To arrange a Northern Lights registration appointment please email or telephone 01772 895950.