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Action Learning Sessions

Action Learning Sessions

Sometimes the most useful, practical and best business advice you can get can be found by talking to those around you who either have, or still are going through and facing the same issues as yourself.

An Action Learning set is a forum for doing just this, and Northern Lights hold these sessions each month.

Action Learning was developed by Professor Reginald Revans in the UK in the 1940s. It’s a process whereby participants study their own prior actions and share their experiences with others in order to improve their performance.

Revans demonstrated that powerful self learning can be achieved by people learning “with and from others”.

Northern Lights has adapted Action Learning in order to support clients to:

  1. Develop the ability to think through in a logical, constructive and objective way critical issues that need to be addressed within their businesses
  2. Make full use of other clients experiences, skills and intellect who are working within the incubator in order to achieve satisfactory outcomes relating to business success, particularly in terms of sustainable profitable growth

The Action Learning sessions are delivered to complement and allow clients opportunity to implement the knowledge gained from our “Creative Problem Solving” Workshop (See our workshops programme).

Action Learning Sets are run on the last Wednesday in each month from 4 pm until 6 pm. Light refreshments are provided.

All registered NL clients are eligible to attend but because of the requirements of the “process” attendance is limited to a maximum of eight persons. Action Learning works most effectively with “full participation” from those attending.