UCLan Masterplan

Our Vision

View of Adelphi Square

The proposals set out to create a striking new environment for UCLan, reinforcing key routes and spaces and adding dramatic new interventions in the form of buildings, squares and landscaped areas.

The Masterplan strives to:

  • Create an attractive and inviting world class campus compatible with the University’s status as one of the UK’s largest Universities

  • Create a new heart for UCLan that showcases its key principles of openness, transparency and accessibility

  • Reinforce connections with the city centre to encourage wider regeneration opportunities

  • Transform the student experience by creating better quality open spaces defined by new buildings

  • Improve and extend the public realm to support campus activities and reinforce connectivity and legibility of pedestrian and cycle routes

  • Relocate car parking from the centre to the edge of the campus to promote a healthier, more pedestrian friendly campus

  • Consider where new buildings can augment the University’s existing stock to accommodate functions currently inadequately housed on site, prioritising creative learning and social spaces and state of the art technologies

  • Improve the ground floor use and appearance of the existing buildings to create inviting, socially active environments

  • Consider seasonal variations by the provision of covered spaces which are conveniently located across the campus

  • Create a healthy, safe, active and sustainable campus

  • Set up a flexible framework for future buildings to respond to the changing needs of the University

View from EIC towards Adelphi Square

View from EIC towards Adelphi Square

Greenbank Building

Cyclists on campus

Illustrative Masterplan

Masterplan Illustration


Improvements to existing buildings
To facilitate flexibility and provide social space and amenities for staff, students and visitors

A.2 North extension of Foster building
A.3 Bridge link between Foster and Harris building
A.4 South extension of Foster building
B.3 Students’ Union
B.5 Extension to Victoria building
B.6 Link between Harrington and Greenbank building
B.7 Extension to Brook building
C.2 Recladding and extension of Kirkham building

Proposed new buildings
A.1 Engineering Innovation Centre (EIC)
A.5 Student enterprise/business zone
B.1 Library extension/hub
B.2 Offices
B.4 Brook street building
B.8 Multi-storey car park
C.1 Academic expansion

Students in a green space

Students in a green space

Brook Building