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Sustainable Development Procurement

UCLan recognises that some of its procurement activities have positive or negative impacts on the environment. Our sustainable development policy identifies key priorities for consideration when purchasing goods and services.

The flexible framework is a widely used self-assessment mechanism, which allows organisations to measure and monitor their progress on sustainable procurement over time.


There are five levels to achieve on the flexible framework and each level covers the following areas:

People e.g. Identifies a sustainable procurement 'champion', and the level of sustainable procurement training for staff.

Policy, Strategy and Communications e.g. Focus on the organisation's sustainable objectives and consider the policies and strategies in place to deliver these objectives.

Procurement Process e.g. Analyse how sustainability impacts are addressed in contracts and the supply chain.

Engaging Suppliers e.g. Carry out expenditure analysis as an essential step in good procurement practice.

Measurement and Results e.g. Measure performance and results using SMART philosophies.

Utilising the Flexible Framework allows the Purchasing team to:

Lead by example and show commitment throughout all procurement activities
Set clear priorities by adapting initiatives in line with internal financial regulations and external budgets
Include whole life costing on each project
Capture opportunities by engaging with suppliers to encourage innovative solutions on sustainability
Promote continuous improvement within the supply chain
UCLan have steadily achieved Level 1 and 2. As supply chain management is the only section outstanding on Level 3 and due to its complexity, we have merged this with sustainable audits (Level 5) as they are closely linked.

There are a few sections achieved on Levels 4 and 5, with set targets to help achieve other sections in due course.

Purchasing Code of Conduct

Purchasing Code of Conduct