Senior Management Team

Terms of Reference

The Senior Management Team is made up of the senior management of the University, with members from across the range of academic and professional areas. The SMT will meet throughout the academic year to ensure that communication of key strategic aims is effectively managed, as a forum for consultation and for specific decisions, as determined by the Vice Chancellor.

Members of SMT are expected to act as a team and to conform to the values set out in Shaping Our Future.

Membership of SMT cannot be delegated or nominees sent to meetings or events unless explicitly stated that this is appropriate.


Senior Management Team will be chaired by the Vice Chancellor or nominee and consist of all members of Directorate, all Executive Deans and Deans / Heads of School and all Directors / Heads of Service.

Gerry Kelleher
October 2014

For further information or details of membership/schedule of meetings, please contact Lorraine Ratcliffe or Jean Brown (Committee Administrator)