Senior Management Team

UCLan’s Senior Management Team (SMT) comprises the Directorate, Deans of Schools and Directors of Services.

The SMT advises the Vice-Chancellor/Chief Executive on the following issues.

(1) The strategic leadership and overall management of the University and the University Group.
(2) The development of strategies to ensure that the University Group is successful in all aspects of its operations.
(3) The efficiency and effectiveness of the University Group’s operations.
(4) The provision of support to University Board and the Vice-Chancellor in the execution of their responsibilities.
In particular, the SMT will make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor on the following:
(1) The education character and mission of the University.
(2) The consideration of strategies to achieve the character and mission.
(3) The evaluation of the achievement of the University’s strategies.
(4) The alignment, direction and effectiveness of the services which support the University’s core business.

The SMT provides the collective, senior management of the University and the University Group and through its line management arrangements, for the direction and accountability of the University.

The SMT provides effective accountability, performance management and appraisal but not for detailed operational management. Management responsibilities should be devolved to the lowest level commensurate with efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.

The SMT will engage in strategic planning for the University which will require increased awareness and exposure to developments outside the institution.

Members of SMT are expected to act as a team and to conform to the values set out in the 'Shaping Our Future' agenda.

For details of membership and the schedule of meetings, please contact Lorraine Ratcliffe.

Contact: Jean Brown (Committee Administrator) or Lorraine Ratcliffe