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Working in partnership with businesses

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UCLan is committed to providing support for businesses of all sizes and from all sectors, to improve performance, impact and competitiveness on a global scale. UCLan has worked in partnership with a range of businesses, which have benefited from the various areas of the University’s expertise. Businesses have utilised the knowledge of UCLan’s internationally recognised research centres, the expertise of staff, students and graduates, and the outstanding facilities on offer. UCLan has offered a variety of support, ranging from general business help to involvement with a specific project.

The Innovation at UCLan team provide an institution-wide service to identify, protect and manage UCLan’s intellectual property portfolio. The team work closely with businesses, offering academic knowledge, expertise and opportunities to access innovative ideas and technologies via licensing. The team also collaborate with business to develop new products or services. For more information visit Innovation at UCLan.


Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) form partnerships between your business and an academic institution - in this case UCLan, enabling you to access skills – through graduate and academic expertise to help your business develop.

The scheme should be used by a company to address a strategic issue that cannot be carried out without support from external sources i.e. you would have to recruit someone, or commission an organisation to carry out the work to achieve the desired results.

UCLan have enjoyed successful partnerships with a number of businesses, who have reaped the benefits of a KTP.



DigitME offers free support for North West-based manufacturing companies.

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and delivered by the University of Central Lancashire’s (UCLan) Burnley Campus, we aim to support small to medium-sized manufacturing companies in a bid to help them grow and develop by providing three days of free intensive consultancy into new technology, data and manufacturing problem solving. 



Vanessa Merle

Having developed a prototype for a unique undergarment, ladies clothing retailer Vanessa Merle utilised the specialist knowledge of UCLan graduates as well as academic consultancy on validity, costs and practicality.

The support provided by UCLan gave Vanessa Merle the confidence to move to the next level of development and establish a clearer route into the market.

Blackpool Primary Care Trust

Blackpool Primary Care Trust worked with UCLan’s KTP to find solutions to commissioning problems in the social care sector.

The KTP associate used UCLan’s knowledge of the sector to develop and implement a new framework for commissioning mental health and social care services with the third sector. This has revitalised commissioning culture and is now used for all types of contracts, not just the third sector.

Clinical Trials at UCLan

An innovative method of treating lower back pain was extensively tested in clinical trials at UCLan.

UCLan academics clinically tested the new treatment to establish whether it would immediately, or over an extended period of time, alter the spinal motion and reduce pain in the lower back. The collated evidence proved to be invaluable in terms of building a marketing strategy and applying for venture capital support.


UCLan has worked hard to develop an environment which will inspire academic excellence and continues to invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure, facilities and equipment. Our business partners therefore have the opportunity to use the latest professional and technical business services and facilities.

Working with UCLan, businesses can use University facilities for proof of concept testing, product testing and feasibility studies. In particular this allows businesses to move forward with projects primarily concerned with robust independent research.

The University has a searchable database or – Kit-Catalogue – that shows key facilities and equipment available. It is designed to facilitate sharing across the institution, with external partners and to encourage collaborative activities.