HEAR - Higher Education Achievement Report

What is the HEAR?

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is an electronic document providing verified information on a student's academic and non-academic achievements during their time at the University of Central Lancashire. The HEAR enables the University to provide a richer record of student achievement and includes both academic work and extra-curricular activities that have been verified by the University such as prizes, voluntary work and offices held in student union clubs and societies.

The HEAR is an electronic document adhering to a template incorporating the European Diploma Supplement. It may be accessed during a student’s career with the University and afterwards.

How does the HEAR differ from a transcript?

A transcript simply lists the modules undertaken, credit values, grades achieved and overall result obtained during each academic session of study. The HEAR is intended to capture the totality of a student’s performance and to enable a student to represent a wide range of their achievements to employers and postgraduate tutors, thereby enhancing their employability. The HEAR not only includes details of academic learning, but also records extra-curricular achievements.

The University and Students' Union verify a range of extra-curricular activities, to enable students to evidence the breadth of their skills, experience and knowledge. This includes:

  • Prizes awarded by Schools or the University including academic prizes and the Community Leadership, Legend and Hero awards
  • Periods Abroad undertaken during the course
  • Student volunteering
  • Sport – Representing the University at a National Level
  • Peer Mentoring

and undertaking roles including:

  • Students’ Union Students’ Council member
  •  Students’ Union Society Officer
  • Student Representative

Further Information

The electronic document is supplemented by additional explanatory notes:

Further information about HEAR is available from The Higher Education Academy