Student Accommodation

Frequently Asked Questions


You can apply through our online application service on the UCLan website. If you don’t have regular access to the internet to use our online application, offer and contract service, please contact us and we will arrange for an application form to be sent to you as well as the other documents necessary to the process. Once you have accepted a place at the University, and if UCLan is your first choice, the Admissions Office will contact you with your student ID information from March onwards. If UCLan is your insurance choice, you will receive this information in August.


The University allocates around 2200 owned and leased bed spaces from March onwards. Thereafter there is a good choice of University registered private halls and houses.

When can I apply?

You can apply at any time after you have accepted a firm offer of a place on a course at UCLan, and after we have opened our online applications, which is usually in late March.

What happens next?

When we receive your application we’ll let you know we’ve received it, and do our best to match your requirements with what is available. We’ll contact you with further information by June/July.

How and when do UK/EU students pay for accommodation??

If you are made a room offer in UCLan owned or leased accommodation and you are a UK/EU student you will need to pay a reservation fee of £250 when you accept the offer, this is a pre-payment of rent. The balance of the rent is collected in 3 parts, usually in October, January and April. More detailed information is provided with any offer made.

International students have two options for payment of Accommodation Fees:

  1. You may pay the total charge in full when you accept any room offer made
  2. You may pay 25% of the total charge as a reservation fee to secure the room, and the remainder of the total charge no later than 14 days of arrival

The reservation fee will range from approximately £829.00 - £871.00 in non-ensuite accommodation and from approximately £1005 - £1080.00 in en-suite accommodation, the reservation fee for a self-contained 1 person flat would be £1131.90. These prices are estimates based on the current year, rents may be subject to up to 5% increase next academic year.

We can be contacted at or +44 1772 892519/20/22 if you have any questions at all.

Any offer of accommodation we may send to you will have a deadline for response, this deadline will be notified to you with any room offer made.

If you do not attend UCLAN for any of the following reasons;

• You have a Conditional Offer and do not meet the academic conditions to attend
• You require a visa and the UKVI refuse your application
• You change your mind about attending University prior to the commencement of the accommodation contract

You must inform us in writing by email to - we will then cancel your accommodation contract and refund any money paid to you.

If you inform us after the start date of your accommodation contract then the following clauses may apply;

• Visa refusal – we will cancel your contract from the date you inform us of your visa rejection
• You changed your mind about attending UCLAN – up to 28 days rent will be charged from the date we are notified that you are not attending the University. This may be shortened if we are able to re-let your room. An admin fee will be charged if we are able to re-let your room.

Do I need a TV licence?

Yes - if you watch live TV.

The University area is covered by the digital signal and the analogue connections are not supported for TV in University and leased owned halls. The majority of students now watch TV on their laptops, mobiles and tablets, using BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and other catch- up channels. Further information is available on 0300 790 6071 or

Do I need to insure my belongings?

You are not insured by the University. UK Home students may be able to extend your parents’ home policy. Otherwise you will need to arrange your own insurance, as will all international students.

What happens if I don’t get along with my flatmates?

You can apply to move to a different hall or flat within University owned or leased accommodation, and this can be arranged, subject to availability.

Can I move into another flat?

If you want to change your room for any reason within University owned or leased accommodation, this can be arranged subject to availability. The first few weeks of term are not a good time for moving but we will try and help you transfer later on. An administration charge of £25 is made for moving rooms.

Is there a launderette?

Launderettes for University owned halls are available at Roeburn Hall and Eden Hall on Victoria Street. Both sites have washers and driers and are open from early until late at night seven days a week. All leased halls also have on-site launderettes. Prices start at £2.50 to wash and a minimum of £1.00 to dry.

Can I bring my bike and where will I keep it?

Racks are available outside each hall for the storage of bikes. We do not allow bikes to be stored in hallways or stairwells within the residences. The University has a bicycle user group; visit the website and find out about more about the facilities on campus.

What shall I bring?

You will need to bring your own bedding, including pillows and duvet, but only bring minimal kitchen equipment and shop for the rest with your new flat mates once you arrive. There are numerous local shops where you can buy these items.

Can I bring my car?

Students living in University or private halls of residence will not be eligible for a permit, except Blue Badge holders who will automatically be eligible for a University Priority permit, or unless private car travel is a specific course requirement. All students are however eligible for a ‘weekends and evenings only’ permit. For further information please contact Car Parking.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not permitted in any University buildings including halls.

Are shops and supermarkets nearby?

The main campus is at the edge of Preston city centre, and within walking distance. Many shops are open 7 days a week. In addition to various catering outlets on campus there is a plentiful supply of good quality takeaways in the locality. Large supermarkets are a short bus ride away, however, there are smaller supermarkets in the city centre, such as Aldi, Tesco Express and Sainsbury's Local.

Do I need to empty my room during the vacations?

You do not need to move your belongings during the vacations.

Is there free internet and wi-fi?

Yes, all University owned and leased hall provide internet and wi-fi free.


Who needs to have a Guarantor?

All UK/EU students, however, there are exceptions;

  • Students who are sponsored by a Trust or are leaving care 
  • Students on an exchange program such as ISEP or CCSU (not Erasmus) 
  • International students who pay their fees in full, or pay 25% of the fee and the balance within 14 days of arrival

Who can act as my Guarantor?

Anyone who is over the age of 18 and is willing to make payment of your accommodation fees, according to the obligations contained within the Accommodation Contract and Conditions of Residence which you agree to when accepting a room offer, if you should default. You must gain consent from your Guarantor before providing us with their personal details. Should you default in the payment of your rent or any other monies payable under the Accommodation Contract, your Guarantor will be expected, upon written demand, to pay all outstanding amounts due to the University.

When do I have to provide the Guarantors detail

If, during your acceptance of a Room Offer, you do not pay your rent in full you will be asked to provide the name and email address of a guarantor. Once you have completed Acceptance of the contract an email will be sent to your Guarantor advising them of their nomination and what they need to do

Does the Guarantor have to send any financial information to UCLan

No, we don’t ask for proof of income, or home ownership etc., the Guarantor will be given an I.D. and password to our on-line system and asked to login to read the Guarantor agreement carefully then accept or decline on-line. If the Guarantor you nominate declines to accept the agreement you will need to nominate another Guarantor before your room offer can be confirmed.

I don’t have anyone I can nominate to be my Guarantor, what should I do?

Email the Allocations Manager or Allocations Officer on, with a brief outline of your circumstances. If you are unable to email, contact us on +44 (0)1772 892522/23, we will advise you and we will ask you to confirm your circumstances in writing.