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Lancashire Law School produces top-class graduates

Throughout the years Lancashire Law School has seen many very successful graduates pass through the school and go onto secure flourishing futures. Here are just some of the many examples.

Recent LLB graduate Glen Woodroffe won a Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) scholarship from Inner Temple, whilst fellow graduate Matthew Astley has been awarded a Prince of Wales Scholarship by Gray's Inn, also to study the BPTC. Competition for the awards is fierce and their success is a real achievement.

Glen said: “I'm delighted at the news of being awarded an Inner Temple scholarship for my BPTC year. I simply wouldn't have imagined this to be possible a few years ago. The encouragement provided by staff members, together with the exceptional standards of teaching within the Law School at UCLan, has gone a long way towards opening the door for me to pursue a career at the Bar.”

Matthew Astley, who graduated with a first-class honours degree, has gone on to success on the Bachelor of Civil Law course at Oxford University. He has maintained his links with UCLan and publishes legal articles in the Diffusion research journal. He commented: “I am extremely pleased about being awarded a Prince of Wales Scholarship, which is the result of a great deal of hard work and perseverance. That hard work began in 2005 at UCLan, where, with the help of the Lancashire Law School staff, I was able to lay a strong foundation for what I hope will be a very successful future career.”

Other successful graduates include Malcolm Ireland who is now head of licensing at Napthens LLP Solicitors. After completing a law degree at UCLan, he spent a further year studying the Legal Practice Course. He said “There’s a combination of factors that brought me into my current position. I earned a reputation in my time at the firm for working hard and being ambitious. I then took on a big licensing case that we won leading me to where I am now. The staff at UCLan’s Law School were extremely supportive and very accommodating. I couldn’t have been where I am today without the law degree!”

Neil White who is now a Senior Crime Prosecutor and Crime Fiction Author said “My lasting memory of UCLan is that I had a great time and met some great people, including my wife and my best friend. My time at the University gave me the confidence to try things like writing, and looking back, I was educated in more than just Law. Without the UCLan Law degree, I would not have qualified as a solicitor, and would not have the life I now have. It was the most important, and enjoyable, three years of my life. I now prosecute part-time and spend the rest of my time writing. My biggest achievement has been having my crime fiction books published by Harper Collins.”

Jerome Lynch QC is a barrister and one of Her Majesty’s Queens Counsel. He is a Bencher of Lincoln’s Inn, the Head of Chambers at Charter Chambers in London - and a graduate of Preston Polytechnic, now the University of Central Lancashire. So it is with pride that we can say that one of our own is now working at the highest level, and with the highest regard, as a barrister, both within the UK and internationally.