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Helena Booker and Debbie Nuttall

Names: Helena Booker and Debbie Nuttall
Course: BSc(Hons) Midwifery

Positive Birth Conference

Helena Booker and Debbie Nuttall started their midwifery degree in September 2011. During their first couple of weeks they were voted class representative and deputy by their cohort peers with their first task being to produce a presentation on behalf of their classmates, for a student conference.

Helena had previously studied at film school and decided it would be a great idea to film a reflective video of the students’ first placement experiences. They created a tongue in cheek scenario of a ‘service user, super brainy mentor and tired but confident student midwife’ which was well received by fellow students and lecturers alike, and these films became a regular fixture as the course progressed.

When the local hospital trust announced they were holding a positive birth conference, they invited local students to get involved in some way. It was suggested that Helena and Debbie put a video presentation together in the unique way that Helena had made them well known for.

Helena said: “As soon as the proposition was put to us we jumped at the opportunity and happily got to work enlisting as many other volunteers from our course to help. We decided that we would take our original scenario and update it to reflect our experiences as second years and so we met up at weekends to film the new scenes.

“The video was played at the conference to a regional audience of maternity staff and we were thrilled to get such a positive response because they could all identify with the scenario.”