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Andrew Lewis – BEng (Hons) Motorsports Engineering (2009)

After his second year on the BEng (Hons) Motorsports Engineering degree at UCLan, Andrew took an industrial placement with local race car manufacturers, Juno Racing. He was then offered a design engineer role with them, and spent two years working for Juno and studying part-time.

Upon graduating, Andrew went on to a graduate scheme at BAE Systems – Military Air Solutions. Here he worked as a manufacturing specialist at the trials of a technology demonstrator aircraft for flapless flight (DEMON UAV). The flight trials were a huge success and Andrew was a part of a world first for flapless flight. Whilst on the graduate scheme, Andrew also received a Chairman’s Award for a project where he worked as part of a small team to design and build a specialist static training bike for UK Sport and Olympic athletes.

During his time at BAE Systems, Andrew met Jason Somerville, head of aerodynamics at Williams F1 Team. After sending off his CV and attending an interview, Andrew managed to land a job working for F1 in the Future car team. The team he works with is responsible for the design and testing of all the aerodynamic surfaces of next season’s car.

Andrew said: “I typically work on a four-week design cycle where concepts are drawn in CAD, simulated in CFD, and then analysed and developed before sending them for rapid prototyping and testing in the wind tunnel. As a Junior Aero I am responsible for all aspects of this. The pace of development is truly relentless but hugely exciting; no day is the same.”

Andrew believes that his UCLan degree has been a key part of his development: “Without my degree, I wouldn't have the knowledge I needed to progress me along my career path. I wouldn't have been exposed to real world motorsport situations and met the people I work with or gained the skills I now have.”